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The decorating fee is based upon the number of guests anticipated, the type of services desired and decorating materials required. Location fees will be charged if the event venue is outside of a 10 mile radius of Decorative Details (UB3 1DU).


If the total number of guests changes, it is the Client’s responsibility to inform the Decorator, and fees may apply.

If the Client fails to inform the Decorator, the Decorator is not responsible for the quality of service.



It is the Client’s responsibility to communicate with the Decorator the number of guests attending to enable the Decorator to obtain the necessary items needed for decorating. A minimum of 4 hours must be agreed upon with the venue for the Decorator to perform the work. Some events will need more time depending upon requirements. If the venue will allow decorating the day before, the Decorator will make every effort to accommodate this. Just as it takes many hours to set up and decorate, it will also take time to break down all decorations. For this reason, a minimum of 2 hours must be agreed with the venue for breakdown.



An initial free on-site consultation is available for Clients. Additional trips to the venue site after this initial consultation will be charged at a rate agreed by both parties. It is the Client’s responsibility to email, send or otherwise communicate a final plan of the set up to Decorative Details no later than 2 weeks before the event date.



It is agreed that all decorations listed in the contract shall remain the property of the Decorator.



The Client will be responsible for any damage to property including, but not limited to, centrepieces, chair covers, sashes, glassware, mirror plates, etc. All damage and or missing property will be charged at full replacement cost. If the client’s guests remove items (i.e. centrepieces, decorative accents, etc) that are the property of the Decorator, then the Client will

be charged the total replacement cost for the items.



We are not responsible for accidents or injuries related to our decor that are caused through mishandling by the Client, guests, or site staff.



If the Decorator is unable to complete services due to extreme instances (i.e. accident, death, extreme weather conditions or unsafe conditions at the venue), then the Decorator is not responsible for non-completion of services and the Decorator and the Client can come to a reasonable agreement for a partial refund or change of date for services.



It is agreed that Decorative Details may display and use video and photographs from the event for their website, internet promotion and any other non-commercial purposes thought proper by Decorative Details. All video or photographs are subject to be posted on all social networking sites for promotional purposes only. The Client is responsible for advising Decorative Details of any photos or videos he/she wishes not to be publicised. Decorative Details possesses full ownership of all video and photos of the decorating process and final set up photographed by Decorative Details and its affiliates. Therefore Decorative Details has permission to place their name and logo on any photographs taken by Decorative Details.



The following is a broad description of the way Decorative Details processes personal information.

We process personal information to enable us to promote our goods and services, maintain our accounts and records,

and support and manage our resources.
We also process the information on the lawful basis of creating contracts. Processing of information is necessary for a contract to be created between us or because you have asked us to take specific steps before entering into a contract. Examples might include providing quotes or other pre-booking information as well as bookings and payment processes.
Additionally, we process information for legitimate interests. Processing is necessary for our legitimate interests or the legitimate interests of a third party. For example, to set up a meeting, the event itself, take down after the event and any

on-going queries, etc.

We process information relevant to the above reasons and purposes. This may include personal and contact details, family, lifestyle and social circumstances, financial details, and goods or services provided.
We process personal information about our customers and clients, suppliers and service providers, venue staff,
and other professional experts, as relevant.



This Contract is not to be construed as an employment agreement in any way. The Decorator functions as an independent contractor only. The Client understands that the Decorator is a professional and does not need to be monitored or supervised as work is performed.



The Client gives permission for the Decorator to contact the venue and vendors to confirm event details. The Client understands and agrees that it is not Decorative Details’ responsibility to set up or breakdown any items that are sub-rented or dropped off from other vendors or other persons.



All materials are guaranteed to be as specified by the manufacturer. If a supplier discontinues a product or a manufacturer changes material type, Decorative Details reserves the right to substitute an item for another of like kind and quality and make any last minute changes (at our discretion, based on availability of materials at the time of the event).    



The Client will be given an invoice with the total price of the decoration services and a breakdown of individual rentals based on the guest count and other factors. It is the Client’s responsibility to check this for accuracy. Decoration packages can be customised upon agreement with the Decorator. Once a price has been agreed upon and the Decorator has purchased items, the Client may not receive a reduction in price due to no longer needing items or needing less items. If the guest count increases the Decorator will add additional items calculated at current pricing to the invoice. Customisable items such as special chair covers, personalised decorations etc. may not be changed. There can be no changes made to the decoration plan within 4 weeks of the event date, unless agreed with the Decorator.



In the event that the Decorator deems the event to be unsafe, the Decorator reserves the right to halt all services and provide the same services on a different date or at a different location. If the Client or the Client’s guests cause the event to become unsafe, then the Client will pay any fees associated with changing the date of the services.


Upon signature, the Decorator reserves the time and date agreed upon and will not make other reservations for that specific time and date. For this reason, a deposit of 50% of the balance stated is non-refundable, even if the event date is changed or if the event is cancelled for ANY reason. The deposit is applied towards the total balance upon completion and submission of this contract. The 50% deposit reserves the date and covers the substantial cost of materials purchased for the decorating services. In some cases, if more expensive and customisable items are needed, the Client will be required to pay a 50% deposit. The Client understands and agrees that the remaining balance is due no less than 3 weeks before the decorating services being undertaken. The remaining balance may be made in installments if agreed by both parties. If the required event date is within 4 weeks of the service agreement, payment is required in full at the time of order. Given the deposit conditions imposed upon us by our suppliers, this payment would be non-refundable.



A damages deposit is required on all bookings. The damages deposit is refundable and the price of the deposit varies depending on what is hired. The damages deposit is refunded to the Client upon return and inspection of the hired materials.

If damage or loss occurs, the Client must pay the replacement value of the said product(s) (excluding washable stains) this will be deducted from the damages fee. If the amount should go over the damages fee, the Client will be charged for the remaining amount owed.
Standard laundering of hired items is included within the service charge. This includes stains from food and drinks and light scuff marks from shoes. However, if upon inspection after the event, irreversible damage or damage through mistreatment has been caused, this will result in Decorative Details issuing the Client an invoice to replace the damaged stock.


If the event is cancelled within 8 weeks of the event date, a cancellation fee of 50% will be charged by Decorative Details (in addition to the non-refundable booking deposit) Cancellations outside of this time do not require any additional payments, other than stock already acquired for your event, time spent and any administration costs incurred by us.

For cancellations within 4 weeks of the event – the Client will be liable to pay the outstanding balance. This will cover expenses incurred for preparation for the event, which includes but is not limited to, cost of materials, operating costs and lost wages.

Decorative Details reserves the right not to apply a cancellation fee in certain circumstances which will be agreed in writing at the time.

All cancellation requests must be made in writing or emailed within the guidelines of this agreement.

Decorative Details will NOT be held liable for any circumstances out of our control that result in postponement or cancellation.

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