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Great News! We are still taking bookings!

To comply with Covid-19 guidelines, for 2021 events we are offering our packages,                     

Inquiries & Bookings: We will continue to operate online and phone from Monday to Sunday 10am - 6pm PM.
You can also connect with us through email - Our usual response time is between 3-5 business days.

Delivery Services:
If you need our delivery services, we may be able to accommodate as long as we are able to apply our Socially Distanced Deliveries & Setup Procedure.

Appointments – we have two safe options for you:
Video or Phone Call Appointment: We can set an appointment and discuss details over zoom, whatsapp or over the phone. Please click here to book an appointment.


In-Person Appointment: Our Showroom will remain open but limited to 2 sets of clients at any time so as to regulate the number of visitors in our showroom ensuring customers can reasonably follow 2 metre social distancing whilst on the premises. If you wish to arrange a visit or have any enquiries, please call 020 8058 5561 or email us at 


No one should visit the premises if they are ill or showing symptoms of coronavirus disease (COVID 19).

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